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Krino catalogue

2021 Krino catalogue

The new 2021 Krino catalogue is a synthesis of the commercial and distribution needs of the products and their necessary technical knowledge. Each product category features an important section explaining the methods for choosing the products.

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General Catalogue LTI

General Catalogue LTI

The LTI brand makes us specialists in the production of inserts for drivers in accordance with the international laws, and in the production of special custom-made tools. Send us your drawings and specifications and we will custom make drivers for you.

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Promo Blu Red Power

Promo Blu Red Power

Valid until 31.12.2022

Professional tools and equipment at unbeatable prices. Discover all the tools and utensils on offer.

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Uses: Highly professional cutting with portable or stationary drills in: alloy steel and high-alloy steel, stainless steel up to R‹1000 N/mm2, iron, aluminium.


Keramaster Brochure

Brochure and technical report on how to use the Keramaster drill bit. Only use with rotary cutting and with continuous water cooling.



Metal cutting; cutting tools for building materials; woodworking tools; accessories.

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