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Cutting tools engineering - Zu den produkten
Krino Krino Krino

Eine einzigartige “Case History” eines schnell wachsenden Unternehmens

Krino is proud of the International acclaims for the quality of its cutting tools. Our Company, established in Montevecchia in 1982 near north of Milan and the Swiss border, an industrial area specialized into the cutting tools production since the last century.

The fast grow up of activities required a brand new logistic and production plant based in
Monticello Brianza
, exactly into the center of this technological area. This contributed to the development of a complete range of high quality tools and respectful of the environment.

Cutting tools engineering

Consulting the new catalogue you will have the possibility to appreciate the quality and the great range of products and, in the meanwhile, you will know the men that, sharer of your success, made Krino great.

This new catalogue synthesizes commercial and distribution needs together with the necessary technical knowledge. All pages are easily readable and to consult with codes, commercial information and technical notes. Every single family of products has its own section with methods of use in order to choose the right tool and several technical charts in order to attend the correct parameters. A special care has been given to the coating characteristics which allows higher performances with extreme conditions.

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